Mercury Retrograde 2022 Capricorn Effects at Februar

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Mercury Retrograde 2022 Capricorn Effects. This is an extremely difficult time for a typically reserved and inhibited capricorn man. Mercury has already entered capricorn in early january 2022 and is in retrograde motion.

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Mercury retrograde in aquarius/capricorn, jan. Mercury retrograde in capricorn in january 2022 will cause the following effects on the cancer sign: December 29, 2022 — january 18, 2023, beginning and ending in capricorn here is this year’s first mercury retrograde as an example:.

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Mercury retrogrades in capricorn on 14 january 2022, effects on zodiac signs and remedies. The first mercury retrograde of 2022 will have an affect on your expansive ninth house, which could make it difficult to analyze and remember smaller details. For the cancerians, retrograde of mercury in 2022 shall be fine, and situations at work and in finances would be in your control. Choose your words carefully, write your career goals, use a grounding meditation to bring your thoughts down to earth.