Codemotion Venice 2012: Erlang and the Cloud

A special edition of the Codemotion conference will be held this year in Venice on Saturday the 17th November. The event is free to attend.

I will give a talk at 15.40, titled “Erlang and the Cloud”. I will be discussing the suitability of the Erlang programming language for scenarios such as cloud computing and multi-core, explaining how the concurrency model of Erlang maps to multicore architectures and what principles should be kept in mind when designing a scalable application. The Twitter hashtag for my talk is #lang06.

The talk should be interesting on its own - well, I’ll do my best - but, in case you’re still dubious about attending, let me give you three extra reasons why you should join us:

1. Erlang Solutions is hiring

We have many positions open for Erlang enthusiasts in Sweden, UK, Poland and USA. I will be able to provide you more information about our hiring process. Also, feel free to leave me a copy of your CV.

2. Free Erlang E-learning

Erlang Solutions, in collaboration with the University of Kent, has developed an e-learning platform dedicated to Erlang. The system tries to deliver, at a distance, the same high-quality interactive experience that is delivered in our face-to-face training courses. During the conference, I will give away 25 e-learning vouchers which will give you free access to our online Erlang Express course, featuring 6 hours of video lectures, exercises, quizzes and more.

3. Giveaways

Giveaways are always a pleasant surprise. Ask me for pens, stickers and weird white stuff, before I run out of stock!

See you all in Venice.